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Developer: In The Snow Studio

Anticipated Full Release: Oct. 2023

Price: Free demo out now, full release will be $4.99

Rating: To be determined, shooting for E-10 or T


Steam Link:


The Newton Mystery is a 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you play as a group of friends who have formed a rag-tag supernatural investigation squad. Humans and monsters coexist in the little town of Newton, but through interactions with locals like the resident emo vampire, a ghost with a habit of pushing people off their bikes, and some sketchy corporate businessmen, the gang uncovers mysteries that threaten the peace of this eccentric town.

- Explore the fascinating and strange world of Newton with 5 different playable characters with different abilities, personalities, and backgrounds.

- Swap between the main characters as you attempt to solve puzzles using their unique powers. You’ll use each character’s abilities not only just by themselves, but also to work together with the other characters and their abilities to progress through levels.

- Interact with tons of unique characters. Talk with the residents of Newton to discover the truth behind the town with optional dialogue.

- Introducing Local Co-op - Play with one of your friends and experience Newton together. The Newton Mystery features a hand-off local system. Simply plug in two controllers, and player 1 will play as half the cast while player 2 plays as the other half!


The Snow Studios was formed by 5 classmates and friends during their time at The College of New Jersey right outside of Trenton, NJ. After their first title, Mason and Strings was developed as a class project, the team wanted to come together to create something bigger and better.

Coming off of a successful Kickstarter campaign, their upcoming release, the Newton Mystery, combines a diverse and detailed cartoon world full of wit and intrigue with a puzzle platformer play-style utilizing a variety of mechanics.

In The Snow Studios has been a featured creator at several industry events including Too Many Games 2021 and 2022, ZOLOCON 2022, Pittsburgh Gaming Expo 2022, East Coast Gaming Expo 2022, PlayNYC 2022, and Magfest 2023.

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