The Newton Mystery is a 2D puzzle platforming adventure where you play as a group of friends who have formed a rag-tag monster crime-solving team. Join them on their journey of self-discovery, wacky interactions, and realizations that everything is not as it seems in the sleepy town of Newton...

The Town of Newton

 Explore the fascinating world of Newton with 5 different playable characters.  Play as Mac, Tess, Lemon, Phil, or Coal in this expansive world where monsters and humans co-exist.

2D-Platform Adventure

Platform your way through multiple unique levels as you attempt to uncover the mysteries of your hometown. 

Character Switching Mechanic

Switch between multiple playable characters in order to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Each playable character has their own unique abilites.

Meet the Bird Watching Club


Mac’s the new kid in town. He can throw his yo-yo to create trampoline platforms and grapple points to help himself and others get to new heights. He can also see into the memories of Newton’s past to discover new secrets and untold history.


As the leader of the bunch, Tess plans out all of the bird watching club’s missions. She can use her magic to turn into a ghost and shoot quick projectiles from her spell wheel. As a ghost, she can phase through walls and hover over long distances. You can bounce her projectiles off of walls to hit precise targets.


Lemon is the brawn of the group. Use her strong punches and dive kicks to bust your way through any obstacle. While she may seem tough on the outside, she’s really the most reliable member.


The smartest of the gang, Phil is always quick to find clues and point the others in the right direction. He uses his water magic to shoot water bubbles and transform into a fish. This allows him to breathe underwater and swim with ease.


Phil’s cat, Coal, likes to follow the group wherever they go. He can fit into tight spaces and climb up walls to reach places the others can’t.