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Mason needs Strings' help to learn how to play guitar so she can perform at the Castle Concert. Travel around Hub City to collect music sheets, solve puzzles, and interact with the many inhabitants! With Strings, you can grapple between platforms and play different chords using the Chord Wheel! Enjoy exploring a lively world and becoming a master musician!

Become a Musician

As Mason, work and bond with your guitar, Strings, to become a master musician and perform at this year's Castle Concert!

2D-Platform Adventure

Platform your way through over 5 specially crafted 2D levels, like the Dust Yard and Arpeggio Cove, with many more subareas to explore

*NEW* Chord Wheel Mechanic

Use the Chord Wheel to play different guitar chords on Strings to solve puzzles

Explore an Expansive World

Talk with over 30 unique characters in a world filled with sentient instruments and other humanoid creatures

Collect Music Sheets

Find and collect all 8 music sheets scattered around the areas of Hub City by solving puzzles and completing character requests